04 People

Creating the best teams and culture.

The Roberts team is highly experienced, with deep, tier one technical expertise. We have significant local knowledge, a sense of family, and believe in the legacy created by delivering great work.

Key People

Meet some of the team

Pictured: These Roberts team members were part of the original Multiplex team in the Middle East, and are now leading Roberts in the same territory. With another 800+ members of our team globally, we hope you have the opportunity to meet all of our ‘dream team’ in the near future.

Teams and Culture

Our people join us because they want to work in a company which allows them to succeed. They stay because we help them be their best and more.

We foster a competitive spirit both on site and on the sporting field.

We offer opportunities to gain life skills in line with our commitment to safety, health and well-being.

Work with us

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