01 Heritage

A history of innovation.

The Roberts name is synonymous with the global property and construction sector. While the brand has evolved, the motivation remains the same: to deliver the best project for our clients.


Pictured: Graeme Robson, Alan Humphrey and John Ferguson. The Index (in background) was one of their most prestigious Middle East projects.


Mr John Roberts AO founded Multiplex

In 1962, Mr John Roberts AO founded Multiplex in Perth, Australia. From Perth, the business expanded to the east coast of Australia. By 1980, Multiplex had moved into development and project delivery in South East Asia.

John Ferguson joined the business in 1981, followed by Graeme Robson in 1987.



Multiplex moved into the Middle East

Graeme Robson and John Ferguson were part of the original team which established Multiplex in the Middle East in 1997. The first project to be delivered was The Emirates Office Tower for HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Seven of the original team members who worked on The Emirates Office Tower now work for Roberts Constructions in Dubai.



Middle East became a growth market

With Graeme, John and Alan at the helm, the Middle East became Multiplex’s largest construction market. Amongst the many projects they delivered were Dubai Marina, The Gate, The Index, JW Marriott Marquis, Marina Promenade and Grosvenor House Hotel and Serviced Apartments.

In 2003, with Andrew Roberts as CEO, Multiplex Group was listed on the ASX.



Renowned as a visionary and a giant of the property industry, Mr John Roberts AO passed away in June 2006. At the time, Multiplex was one of the world’s largest listed property groups, offering development, construction, facilities management and funds management services.


Construction work in hand


Funds under management



In 2007, Brookfield Asset Management acquired the listed assets of Multiplex Group. Following the acquisition, John’s eldest son, Andrew Roberts, diverted his attention and resources into other property-related business interests.



The Roberts family re-enters construction

After successfully growing his interests in real estate investment and credit, Andrew resumed activity in the global construction sector, establishing Roberts Constructions in Dubai to service the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Concurrently, the Roberts family entered into a new partnership with the Pizzarotti family of Parma, Italy and launched boutique tier one construction company Roberts Pizzarotti (now Roberts Co), in Sydney, Australia.

Together, Graeme Robson, John Ferguson and Alan Humphrey hand-picked the founding Roberts team in Dubai, creating a business to deliver the best technical expertise with an appetite for innovation and fresh thinking.



In December 2017, Roberts Constructions commenced its first project, a hotel and luxury residence in Business Bay, Dubai.