02 Approach

A better way to build.

Roberts Constructions is an industry leader in innovation, sustainability, safety, quality and timely delivery. We deliver the best projects for our clients.

“From our company values, to our approach to design, technology and sustainability, we have created a company which offers the most reliable and effective solutions for our clients.

When our clients choose us to deliver their projects, they know we will offer service and value at every step of the design and construction process.”

Graeme Robson

Chief Executive

Personal service

With Roberts, it’s personal.

From the first day we meet to discuss your project, through to handover, the experience is a personal one. When you call us, we will answer. When you email us, we will respond. Our conversations may sometimes be robust, but they will always be respectful. We do what we say we will do and we take pride in collaborating with you and your team.

Our Values

Our values are an expression of what is important to us. They guide how we behave at work and in our lives.

Safety First. Always.

Safety is always more important than profitability. We consider the health and well-being of our team and yours at every step of the construction process.


We have pride in our work. We do what we say we will do. We are trustworthy and honour the commitments we make.


We strive to add value by thinking, testing and proposing new ways of doing things. We use our experience to build in better ways.


When you work with us, you know you belong. We are not only loyal to our people, we create a culture worthy of loyalty in return.

A Fair Go

We have an egalitarian culture. Roberts people know they are welcome and respected, regardless of race, gender, pay scale, sexual preference, culture or religion.


While our experience extends for decades, our use of technology to streamline and deliver real-time certainty is at the leading edge of the construction sector.

The integration of best-in-class technology extends across every aspect of the business and is applied to our projects from the outset.

Pairing the latest technology with disciplined, buildable design provides certainty and reduces waste. Our focus on clean data input and structured BIM execution, in collaboration with the supply chain, sets us apart.

Training and workplace education has made technology a common language on our building sites. Our use of technology improves coordination, reduces lost time, eliminates miscommunication and provides a virtual picture for our clients before breaking ground.

At handover, this data becomes invaluable for asset management of our built product.


Developed, where applicable, in alignment with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, our goals and targets fall into three broad categories: people, environment and communities.


  • Protecting and promoting the health & wellbeing of all our people
  • Enforcing strict safety standards
  • Providing education and training at all levels
  • Respecting diversity
  • Supporting gender equality


  • Offering clients  renewable energy options during and after the design and the construction process
  • Using innovative design to improve resource efficiency in the construction and operation of our projects
  • Waste reduction and recycling


  • Leaving a positive legacy in the communities we operate in
  • Respecting natural resources and the environments where we are building
  • Minimising disruption to the communities we operate in